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Asgard All Stars - Hervey Bay

As well as our cheerleading program, we also offer a fun and exciting dance program. Our dance program is designed to compliment our cheerleading program by offering athletes a fun way to keep fit and further develop their balance, coordination, flexibility and timing. Our dance classes focus on building the foundation of body skills necessary to grow as an athlete. All our classes teach important dance skills such as the correct use of body alignment, posture, extension and lines, turns, leaps, kicks and jumps. Our dance program is designed around cheerleading specific dance and is not a levelled sport.

Flyer School

Our Flyer School program is designed for any athlete that is looking to improve on their strength, balance and flexibility. The class focuses on teaching athletes how to achieve different flyer specific tricks. It also helps athletes to develop balance and enhances strength.

For Ages: 6 Years & Over

Monday: 5:30pm to 6:30pm

Coach: Kaytlyn

Base Bootcamp

Our Base Bootcamp program is designed for any athlete looking to develop strength, stamina and hand eye coordination while improving their overall stunting skills. Athletes will work to improve their teamwork, timing. Using various equipment, weights and by working with the Flyer School class on occasion athletes will enhance the skills needed for stunting.

For Ages: 6 Years & Over

Monday: 5:30pm to 6:30pm

Coach: Finn

Girls Ninja Warriors

Our Girls Ninja Warriors class is a full on workout that aims to help athletes develop and grow. Each class includes a high intensity cardio session, functional speed and strength conditioning coupled with leg extensions and footwork developed to enhance the power and technique of cheer skills. Our Cheer Intensity sessions will also include an all-round deep stretch routine that will help athletes improve their mobility and flexibility.


For Ages: 6 Years & Over

Expression of Interest 

Coach: Kaytlyn

Boys NinjaWarriors

Our Ninja Warrior Class is specifically tailored by our qualified coaches to suit the interests and nature of our male athletes. Throughout this class athletes will partake in a variety of strength challenges, parkour styled activities and learn a number of different tumbling tricks.


For Ages: 6 Years & Over

Wednesday: 5:00pm to 6:00pm

Coach: Rohnan

Thursday: 4:30pm to 5:30pm

Coach: Kaytlyn