Cheerleading, Tumbling, Dance

Competitive Dance

Asgard All Stars - Hervey Bay

As well as our cheerleading program, we also offer a fun and exciting dance program. Our dance program is designed to compliment our cheerleading program by offering athletes a fun way to keep fit and further develop their balance, coordination, flexibility and timing.


Our dance classes focus on building the foundation of body skills necessary to grow as an athlete. All our classes teach important dance skills such as the correct use of body alignment, posture, extension and lines, turns, leaps, kicks and jumps. Our dance program is designed around cheerleading specific dance and is not a levelled sport.

Pom is an extremely athletic combination of advanced turns, kicks and jumps with high levels of strength and stamina required. Synchronisation and teamwork is the key to a strong Pom routine, along with sharp motions and intricate visual effects. Male dancers may or may not use poms at their discretion.




Hip-Hop is an energetic style of dance, combining body isolations, tricks, street style and popular culture to form a creative and dynamic routine. Hip hop presents the opportunity for students to showcase their unique talent and skills, whilst welcoming individual personality and catering to all abilities.



Jazz is a highly technical form of dance with focus placed on execution, style, control, transitions and creativity. A jazz routine incorporates stylised dance movements and combinations, formation changes, group work, leaps and turns performed to high energy music. Emphasis is placed on proper technical execution, extension, body placement and team uniformity.





Contemporary/Lyrical is an expressive style of dance that combines different elements from jazz, modern dance and ballet to form a creative and moving routine. Contemporary/Lyrical uses floor work, body control and flexibility to express emotion.

Contemporary &